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Paula Domingues

event planner, wedding planner

Paula Domingues

Hamilton, ON

I`m a Events/Wedding Planner. I help brides plan there wedding and give them guide lines, to stay with in the budget. I also help with corporate events, birthday partys, etc.
I`m a problem solver, organized, I work well under pressure, energetic, pay attention to detail.

I`m bilingual - Fluent in Portuguese and fluent in English. I have experience in costumer service, banquets - setup of tables, buffet and decorations. I have done my high school.


The services is offer are:
I provide wedding consultations for bride and groom
I can help with finding a Disc Jockeys, Florists, Hair Salons, Invitations, Limousines, Photographers, Wedding Videographers, Bridal Wear & Accessories, Wedding Ceremony Venues, Wedding Officials, Wedding Rings, Catering & Cakes, Dance Instruction, Wedding Reception Facilities. I also help bride and groom stay with in there budget.