Bethany Pinkham
Makeup Artist
Bethany Pinkham


My name is Bethany Pinkham, and I’m 47 years old. I live in Wilmington North Carolina,and work full time as a Freelance Makeup Artist. I also have done Cosmetology for 24 years too. I love makeup and have a bit of an addiction to Sephora and MAC. I just love make up! I am new to the area however, so I decided to take this course and get certified and I’m hoping to grow my clientele in this area a bit more so that one day I can live out my dream, I want to tour and travel doing model shoots, commercials and my biggest dream of all is Country music Videos. I have wanted that my whole life.

I have been a very lucky person so far when it comes to my life and my work. I guess this is something that I wanted so bad that there is not one thing I could say I like better then the anything else. I LOVE IT ALL!! I have done the weddings, the proms, the anniversary's and owned my own business since 1993. I taught cosmetology school for 3 years and also did an apprentice in my salon. That was a lot of fun. I have traveled to so many states for my work and also got the chances to do other things. Having to go to other peoples home's I have got to travel most of the country. Pretty much every state. Something so many people will never get the chance to do. I got accepted on "THE VOICE" and that's when I guess I realized that is what I really want to do is Country music videos- being the makeup artist. Being the makeup artist for all the contestants that are on "THE VOICE". I would love to start my own monthly subscription makeup line. There is so many of you that probably never even heard of that. I get about 7 different company's that send me "surprise' packages in the mail each month that consist of makeup. I get so excited.


I do a lot of working with people and training them on how to do hair and makeup. I do offer the choice of traveling to there homes, also been put up many very nice hotels for coming to there town. Weddings are really big, and it being there day you make it as special as you can for them BE ACCOMENDATING FOR THEM. This is there day and they are going to remember it for ever.

I also go to many seminars, training's and trade shows. Give's me a chance to bring back to my fellow colleges something new to share. If your good at what you do then you won't have a problem sharing with others because people or clientele seem to stick to what they like and know.