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Melissa Bankston
Makeup Artist
Melissa Bankston
Spring branch, TX

Put your best face forward!

Hello, my name is Melissa Bankston owner of Made up by MissyB. Make Up has always been something that I passionately enjoy. No matter what the event or circumstances are, be it Halloween, bridal makeup, or concealing acne I welcome, and eagerly embrace, every exciting opportunity that I am presented with. Makeup artistry is indeed an art but the perception of it exceeds the conventional understanding of the title.

Makeup artistry is the art of personal satisfaction, it is the art self confidence, it is the art reinvention. I believe in the power of this art and both its subjective and practical applications. I love what I do, I approach every client as if they were my first because, essentially they are. Every client presents their own uniqueness and has their own expectations. There is nothing more satisfying for me personally than exceeding them.

My experience includes stage makeup which I practiced and studied in great length in my high school's theatre arts program. Bridal makeup and coordinating looks for bridesmaids. I work with several photographers creating natural, glamour and boudoir looks. I have extensive experience concealing and minimizing the appearance of acne scars, blemishes and discoloration. I provide free tips and product suggestions to cancer patients who are looking to restore the appearance of their eyebrows and lashes after chemotherapy.


Free tips for cancer patients looking to use makeup to restore or highlight their features after treatments.

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