Krissy Ingerson

Makeup Artist
Krissy Ingerson
Utica, NY

Be Beautiful.

Hi, My name is Krissy. I am a mother of two beautiful little girls who are forced to endure my various makeup experiments. I am also a family day care provider. I am obsessed with makeup, and I love to get creative with it. I love drama, bright colors, and special effects. I get compared to lady Gaga often, not that I look like her at all, but people seem to consider me unconventional.

I do not have any experience as a makeup artist as of yet, other than practicing on myself, my kids, and my friends. I did go to school for cosmetology and completed the hours but did not take the boards. I still intend to get around to that sometime. I enjoy doing makeup and hair. So I do, when I have an opportunity to. I have been doing a lot of halloween costume looks lately, mostly zombies this year, and I really enjoy that and would like to gain more knowledge and experience in the field of makeup in general.


As a makeup artist the services I would like to offer will include bridal makeup, prom makeup, theatre makeup, glamour and photography makeup, and special effects for events and parties. I will likely specialize in halloween makeup around that time of year. I would also like to include face painting for children in my services.