Ariana Arevalo

Makeup Artist
Ariana Arevalo
Falls Church, VA

Makeup's not for hiding, it's for enhancing.

Hello, my name is Ariana. I was born and raised in Virginia. I am part Italian and part Salvadorian. Also, I am only 19 years old, but I have been studying makeup my whole life. I was one of those little girls that played with her mother's makeup while she was gone and got in trouble for it later. I liked to educate myself through magazines and even videos online. Makeup is not only my joy, but I am also a writer and even a baker. I love most of the things having to do with art and creativity. I’m fresh out of high school, class of 2012, I also was licensed in Cosmetology in 2012 thanks to my high school academy program. I was taught by an amazing teacher, tough, but good and motivated me to bigger and better things. Especially with makeup. Fortunately, I found an opportunity in a salon as an assistant and it’s given me an opportunity to apply makeup as well since they noticed I had interest and talent. I am glad I got the opportunity to join QC Makeup Academy to further my education and further my future.

I love makeup, it can go in various of ways. Natural, smokey, and even scary. My favorite is doing dramatic looks and special effects makeup. Although I find myself doing more of the natural light looks, especially when I’m in the salon. Which isn’t bad, it’s important to enhance your natural beauty. For me, the more the color, the better. I like to have fun and I like to be creative.


I think that there’s a learning process while you apply makeup. Before I do anything I try to get to know you and ask you what event you’re going to attend. I also ask questions like, do you want your makeup light or heavy? Do you want something to bring out your eyes? Also, I try to educate while I apply, letting you know what I’m applying so that not only will you have good makeup then, but maybe everyday. I also let the client know what I’m doing before I do it and make sure they are comfortable with it. I want you to feel comfortable and aware of everything. Hopefully I can please you as much as possible.