Lucy Serra

Makeup Artist
Lucy Serra
Bronx, NY

Master Makeup Artist

Hi my name is Lucy and my friends and family call me Lu, for short. I am really exited about taking this course because in my other school (Wilfred Beauty Academy), I learned the basics of makeup, hair-cutting and mani/pedis, but makeup artistry is what really became my passion. I've seen so many pretty women that with a tiny bit of makeup can go from pretty to gorgeous. We all have distinct features but on some people their features stand out just a little bit more so than the next person. I feel that makeup enhances what we already have. We are all beautiful in our own ways, but to stand out, a little makeup goes a long way! Plus, who doesn't like color!

Making a person change right before your eyes is so gratifying. I love it when someone comes up to me and says "I would love to have a smokey-eye but don't know if it would look good on me", or I have a wedding/Sweet Sixteen/special occasion, etc, I need to attend and would like a glamorous look", I always ask them about their skin care, color preference and make recommendations as I see fit. Usually, my clients almost always go with what I suggest or make suggestions of their own I try to incorporate into the makeup session.

I always try to have a little sample of colors I use, or a makeup chart so they can know what colors/ textures work best for their skin tones. I also like to take before and after pictures, and one of my client even came out in a commercial and gave out my name! Lol

Makeup is something I've always loved and am going to take the latest air-brushing techniques course from QC Carreer School as soon as possible!

Enjoy your colorful day!


Skin care is the essence of getting skin primed in order to ensure a smooth transition from bare to dressed. Once the face is cleansed properly, I like to start with either foundation or a light BB cream (such as Garnier's BB Cream), which gives a light covering because it has a light tint in it, then foundation where it needs it, sometimes you can get away with no foundation. Then I like to use under eye creams/primer, same goes for eyelids, around the crevices of the nose, chin and forehead. Next is the setting powders, then comes the actual makeup. I start with the eyebrows, lids, eyebrow bone, blending, eyeliner, mascara, etc. The cheeks and hollows are almost the finishing of a great face, then lip-liner, lipstick and lip gloss. Another light dusting of rice powder, and a couple of sprays of "All-Nighter by Urban Decay, and Viola! The finished product! Looking Good!