Brittany Patterson

Event Planner, Wedding Planner
Brittany Patterson
St Petersburg, FL

My name is Brittany and I am from Dallas TX. but currently living in St.Petersburg FL. I am working on becoming a wedding planner /evet planner.
To me a wedding should be a day that you never forget. No matter how big or small it maybe. As a wedding planner I will do my very best to make your day as special and beautiful as it can be. You can always count on me to give 110% at everything I do.

I have already told you My name is Brittany and where I live so here is a little more about myself. My dad is a youth pastor so I have always been involed church. I graduated highschool with a 4.0 from a high school in my local area. and now I am working on becoming a certified wedding planner. I cannot wait to start up my buisness and help take stress off my brides and grooms. So t hey can have a wonderful wedding day.