Cherie Sims

Event Planner, Wedding Planner
Cherie Sims
Highlands Ranch , CO

"Making fantasies a reality; and dreams come true"

My name is Cherie and I have been planning parties and events for friends and family for years. One day after calling off one of my many engagements(3) I decided not only do I plan parties, but why not weddings as well? In the words of Jennifer Lopez in the Wedding Planner: "Those who can do,teach. Those who can't wed, PLAN!" And so here I am!!

I love planning an event whether it be platinum style or small intimate and quaint, a party is a party and everyone deserves to have the best of the best and get exactly what they are looking for and that is what I do. I make your fantasies become realities and your dreams come true!

I have planned many milestone birthday parties (21st, 30th, and 50th) as well as milestone annniversaries (35 & 50)along with Bar Mitsvahs and corporate parties. My first wedding was actually a wedding I was in and it was the most exhilarating, joyous time of my life but also got me started in this business and I havent stopped since!!!

I took classes through QC Weddings online and it was the most helpful and very insightful program I could have taken and I learned so much more than I had already known it was great!

I am a great people person and before I started doing this I was a manicurist, make-up artist and Pedicure specialist and so as you can see working with people and making things beautiful has always been my fortay!!


I offer everything from consultations, to completely planning your event where all you have to do is just show up and enjoy! I even offer consultant advice when needed or just help locating certain venues, caterers, etc. I can do it all or half or just the areas you need.

I also offer destination weddings and events corporate business and Christmas parties, and so forth so the pressure is off you and you can just enjoy the event.

My services are competitively priced. First and foremost I will never overcharge and under service you. You always get what you paid for and a whole lot more!