Professional Profile


Marie Martin

Makeup Artist

Marie Martin

Surrey, BC


Makeup has always been my big dream, my "one day." It's always been the only thing for me to express myself. I have an excellent eye for color. But also have the ability to make someone look as beautifully natural as they want to be.

I was young when I first started playing around with makeup. The other kids would be playing with toys, and I was always in my aunt's makeup, getting in trouble for it. I've always loved everything about makeup. I love how many looks you can achieve and love how it makes a person feel so confident. To me, it wasn't just about the appearance, but it also had everything to do with how empowering it made me feel. As we all know, makeup isn't forever, but just like everybody else, we love the idea that we can temporarily hide little things that make us so insecure about ourselves. Makeup enhances how we look, it adds drama to our everyday lives, and makes certain moments feel so much more special. It's not always about how great we apply products on, but how strong we feel in the end.


Bridal Package
Perfect for the Bride and her 3 bridesmaids
*Includes a consultation and trial*

Special Occasion
Perfect for any special occasions.

Perfect for graduations, proms, or dances.
*Students who bring their student go card will receive an extra 15% off!*

Every package gives you the option of what type of lashes you'd like to chose. Although I am the artist, your input is very important and that it makes your experience with me feel more special.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.