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Sarah Brown

Makeup Artist

Sarah Brown

Waldorf, MD



Eye of the future Zombie Arm! Color crazy
NARS re-created. Purple and Pink Purple and Pink 2
Blue Homecoming Blue Homecoming: Eyes Closed Purple Craze
Purple Craze 2 Bachelorette Bachelorette 2

My name is Sarah Brown. I worked as a product consultant at Sephora inside J.C. Penney. I have been freelancing ever since 2010. I can do anything from everyday beauty to prosthetic makeup. I have been in charge of my drama society's makeup department. I have been doing my friend's makeup for years. I was the Beauty Supervisor for Victoria's Secret before branching out to do my own thing. I love the skill and patience it takes to create beautiful looks on the most beautiful canvas of all, the skin. I have been doing makeup since I could hold a brush and I am excited to share my work and my love of this art with you.