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Heather DiRocco

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Heather DiRocco

Oceanside, CA



Vampire Blood Lust Fetish Shoot
Fetish Makeup Shoot Hunger Harley & Joker

HD ~Artist of Beauty~

My name is Heather DiRocco, I am 26 years old and a mother of 2 and a happy wife for 6 years. I am an experienced makeup artist in the Southern California region and I have been doing makeup since 2003.

My styles of makeup range from fantasy, fashion, glamour, pinup and more! I also do hairstyling on a case by case basis. A little about me: I am a self taught makeup artist with strict schooling in exclusive makeup artistry. I did not attend a cosmetology school that focused on hair, cutting, dying, nails and makeup, I learned solely about the different styles and perfections of makeup ONLY. Hairstyling is a hobby.

My makeup used is chemical free and organic that leaves skin healthier, and non-streaky. I change the style of makeup based upon the use of it needed for. IE: theatre and photoshoot makeup will have less shine and glimmer, and will focus on bringing out your natural face curvature. All of my makeup applications are smooth and done to perfection. I am familiar with makeup being applied for flood lights, flashes, natural light and more. If you need specialty makeup done, I have a whole kit for that as well!

Please keep me in mind for all your makeup needs!

Experience: Experienced
I say that I am only "Experienced" and not "Very Experienced" because I am constantly learning. The styles of makeup change with every new edition of a weekly fashion magazine. So, you can categorize me as "Very Experienced" but I'll categorize myself as just "Experienced" :D <------- That's a happy face.

Compensation: Depends on Assignment


Special FX
(Not enough space on website for rest)

Hair Styling: Case by case basis.

To Name a Few of
My Publications & Credits:​
~Fetish Photoshoot 2012
~Vampire Photoshoot 2012
~Eye Shadow-Color Workshop 2012
~Halloween Photoshoot: Joker & Harley Quinn 2012
~Marine Corps Ball Glamour Makeup 2012
~Fashion Show San Diego 2012
~Comic-con 2008-2012
~Halloween 2006-2012
~Masquerade Ball Shoot-Fantasy & Glamour 2010
~Theatre Makeup: Special FX Zombies 2005
~Theatre Makeup: Cats Remake 2003​


“I was one of the vampires for that shoot and I REALLY loved your work!"​

Shaundra Olson, Model

"I went to a friends house yesterday and forgot to clean off the bite mark you put on my neck. they all said it was very real!!! he thought his dog got me because he jumped on me. he got scared! they all said great job!!!!"

Florcita Jewell

"For the Marine Corps Ball this year, I found Heather online through a common advertising site. She did my consultation free, and only charged me a fuel surcharge. The day of my ball, she came to me, did my makeup flawlessly and gave me a bag of products to keep my makeup looking fresh for the night! Who can beat service like that?!"

Michelle Grant

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