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Whitney Love

Makeup Artist

Whitney Love

Yuma, AZ


"Why be pretty when you can be gorgeous?"

My name (really is) Whitney Love. I am a makeup artist and beauty blogger( out of the Arizona area. I believe that every woman is gorgeous and I LOVE being the person who helps them see that. I Though I enjoy doing makeup for photoshoots, my favorite thing to do is makeup for special events (proms, weddings, etc). There is no better feeling than being a part of someones special day! Knowing the pictures they take that night will be in their lives forever maks me feel like I am a part of their personal history and that I have touched their life in some special way.

I have been OBSESSED with makeup since i was a lilttle girl.....studying it in my favorite magazines...stealing from my moms stash (hoping she wouldnt notice) then sneaking off to school to apply it in the girls bathroom....and practicing on friends and family for as long as i can remember. Unfortunantly I havent had the opportunity to really dedicate myself to my craft until now (gotta pay those bills) but now that I can i plan to give it a hundred and ten percent! I have done a few photo shoots and makeup for special events at bars that i have worked out in the past :)
My favorite kind to do is full blown glam complete with smokey eyes, glossy lips, big false lashes and shimmery highlights. I also love the classice 1950's pin up look and lately have enjoyed playing around with the 1980'ish bright colorful style...i just love to play with new colors! So lets get together and make something beautiful happen!!!! :)


I specialize in glamour, prom, and wedding makeup. I am capable of doing air brush makeup upon request. I am able to travel and do makeup in the comfort of your own home. My rates are competitve and start as little as $25 for a single makeup application. I am able to travel to areas surrounding Yuma, AZ including Imerpial County, San Diego, Phoenix, and Tuscon.