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Michele D. Farquharson

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Michele D. Farquharson

Twentynine Palms, CA



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Smiling is the key to showing your true COLORS, while your inner beauty is the pallete that everyone admires!

HI and thankyou for checking out my page. Most likely your here because your looking for a well organized and professional makeup artist. Well look no further. I am one of the many makeup artists that are looking for clients like you. While enhancing your beauty by adding simple splashes of color or glamour, you and I work together as a team to find what look best suits you. Whether its for runway, magazines, photoshoots, weddings etc. I am here to help you achieve the look you desire. My sparkling personality and knack for creativity has led me this far in my career. Im not afraid to step out of my creative limits, working very close with photographers as there personal makeup artist has helped me broaden my horizon on different looks. But i keep in mind you as my client what would be best. I can teach you how to apply your makeup as well teach you the do's and dont's.

I was raised in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Where creativity and arts are booming. I remember as a little girl my grandmother showing me how to paint using acrylic and oil paints. From there I became very intersted in showing off my drawing skills. Also my aunt was a very good artist as well. We both had a good teacher...Grandma Leola. As the years went by my drawing and sketching skills became me..eventually i wanted to see how far i could go by taking my art from a simple canvas to placing it on a body. Thats when i knew that MAKEUP ARTISTRY was for me. At a young age i learned to cook by the time i was 4...I was drawing, cooking, making jewelry, and getting involved in every art festival there was to offer. Til this day im very passionate about art and helping people realize what they have inside is more valuable than anything in the world.



*- means LEARNING