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Vietta Simms, 2 Birds & 1 Stone Events

Event Planner, Wedding Planner

Vietta Simms, 2 Birds & 1 Stone Events

Houston, TX


" Destined 2 B 1 Remarkable Event "

Welcome to 2 Birds & 1 Stone Event Planning!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to every couple celebrating their engagement!!! Marriage is a major step in committing yourself to one another. The highlight of it all is your wedding!! Enjoy and embrace every moment in this time of your life. For you soon will be knocking on the doors of marital bliss!!!!!

As you may be able to conceive, I am an extremely energetic professional who is passionate about all facets of weddings and marriage. I am also a recently engaged bride-to-be to the love of my life, my life partner. Thinking back on my younger years I have always loved the art of weddings, commitments, and design. As I grew older my passion grew too. I began to research all sorts of weddings and commitment ceremonies from different religious and cultural backgrounds. Then at the young age of 16 I was sure that my "true calling" careerwise was that of a Wedding and Event Planner.