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Hilary Decker

Event Planner, Wedding Planner

Hilary Decker

Orange, CA

No Party is too small to plan.

Hi !

My name is Hilary Decker. I graduated from Cal State Fullerton in 2010 with a Bachelors Degree in Business Finance. I love designing, creating new works of art in every form and planning party's for every occasion. With my background in business I can get any job done for the right price and everyone has fun!

I started planning party's for my family a few years ago and it turned into something more than that. I was the one that they would go to get everyone together and to put any party together. Whether it be a simple birthday party at a restaurant or a big party celebrating graduations, baby showers, and birthday party's. So, I have finally decided that this is where I belong... Event Planning.

I also hand make works of art, crafts, sew and design many projects. You can check them out at my website

I am in the Orange County Area and can plan events in any of the surrounding cities.


Wedding and Event Planning.