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Caren Jeanty

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Caren Jeanty

Brooklyn, NY



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The very thought of planning a wedding can be overwhelming. I can assist you with all the details that can drive you crazy.

Are you dreaming of a tropical wedding on the beach, or just looking for something more traditional! Do you have questions about wedding etiquette? Where should we go for our honeymoon? I can assist you with the initial budget plan, those tasks you want taken off your shoulders and aid with the creative ideas to help make the most of your budget. Together we will tailor the wedding you desire.

What makes you unique?
I help couples develop and plan their destination weddings so they make the right choices and have the perfect wedding. Getting to know my clients, coming up with ideas and alternatives before the event and working with the client to make it better, adding all the little details that I know will help make the event special and unique and seeing it all come together in the end. I make sure the client, family and guests understand all the necessary documents needed for their destination wedding.

Will I lose control of my wedding?
Absolutely not, I'm here to listen to your ideas and help you create a plan of action to make the details of your wedding take shape.

Do you take more than one wedding per day?
No, on your day you will have our undivided attention.

Do you have a payment plan?
If you would like to hire a Wedding Planner and do not have the money to start, we will accept a payment plan an initial payment of $100 with a set amount every month until final payment due day of event. The amount per month you have to pay depends on the wedding service that you choose.

Why should I hire you instead of another planner?
If you hired me to plan your event and it doesn't succeed, then I don't succeed either, because chances are you won't ask me to plan another special event in your life and you won't recommend me to your friends.

Can you afford this service?
Yes you can we offer payment plans as well as full wedding planning for free on select venues. For additional information to see if you qualify for free wedding planning please call us directly.

Do you still have more questions?
Email me at or call 917-513-8972


Destination Wedding - includes assistance with accommodations, air, and transportation; obtain necessary legal documents, guest tracking, and pre/post itinerary

Complete wedding planning services – plan and coordinate all details of your wedding; which also includes consultation service, planning & preparation service, day-of-services.

Planning & Preparation Package - includes consultation, finding vendors and services for the event.

Day of Coordination Services - applies to any events -weddings, party activities, or ceremonies clients would like me to oversee on the day.

Consultation - involves us sitting down discussing the details and goals of your specific event.

Honeymoon planning/travel information – honeymoon registry creation and management; up-to-date selections on cruises, all inclusive resorts and villa packages.

Wedding packages start at $100, for travel information on honeymoon or destination wedding visit us at Moongate Global Travel or contact me directly.


I would like to recommend Mrs. Caren Jeanty as a candidate for a position as wedding planner. Caren did an excellent job for my own wedding and she was a huge help in putting together the many details a wedding requires. She has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organized, can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done. Caren was always willing to offer her assistance and had an excellent relationship with my husband and me. I would definitely recommend her to any future bride who is looking to share with someone the heavy job of organizing the perfect wedding. Sincerely Valentina Brugnoli

Valentina & Brendan

I hired Caren as a day-of wedding coordinator for my wedding on 10.10.10., and couldn’t have been happier! Throughout the entire process, Caren was an extremely efficient and clear communicator who went above and beyond what was required of her. She contacted every vendor I had to make sure they knew who she was, and was huge help in coordinating final logistics for things such as food. She was tenacious with her checklists, always making sure I thought of every angle and completed the most minute detail, and was comprehensive as she left no stone unturned. She would hold me accountable for completing tasks - which was much appreciated - and had a no bs attitude which I knew was the kind of coordinator I wanted to handle everything the day of. But she was also extremely pleasant to meet with, quick to laugh, and incredibly patient. She likewise has a kind heart, and knowing my nonprofit background, went the extra step and helped orient me toward resources befitting of my personal values. When it came to the night of the wedding, she played a crucial role in making the night a success. She gave some great suggestions for overall set-up, was instrumental in ensuring that everything ran smoothly, and took care of the few small hitches. I enjoyed myself to the fullest, feeling confident that she had my back were something to arise. She even made sure we kept on schedule, which was no small feat being as how I was glued to the dancefloor the entire night! Post-wedding, Caren was just as thorough and followed up shortly with a small checklist of stuff I needed to do, stuff I could’ve easily let go to the side were it not for her. Out of all the wedding expenses, Caren proved to be the most important and valuable one. She is an extremely detailed, dedicated and wonderful woman to work with, and I highly recommend her to help with any wedding, no matter how big or small.

Celeste & Craig

I sure will! Ok, here's my testimonial for whenever you want to populate the page: " Caren is an amazing, creative, organized and resourceful person. I had planned my wedding long distance, with a 3 month window, and attendants in every part of the country. Caren helped pull it all together with grace, style and amazing fortitude. She helped with everything from the cake, to the bridesmaid gowns, the restaurant, and so much more. I don't know how she did it all, running around from place to place and communicating back with me in the West Coast. My wedding was beautiful, perfect in every way and it's largely due to Caren's help! All I can say is, go with Caren! " - Carmen, San Diego

Carmen & Carl

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